Green Lantern: Emerald Knights [2011]

This ill-conceived collection of unrelated flashbacks flew under our interest radar. Perhaps you were completely unaware of this production as we have seen little buzz about it. If not for our dedication to comprehensive coverage of such things we might have skipped a take on it altogether. But part of the purpose of the Fortress is to warn; to save others from wasting their precious time.

"Hi, I'm Hal Jordan; hero. Take a good look at my fabulously dimpled jaw, because you won't see much of it in this mixed up anthology."

Unless you are a die hard comic book Green Lantern aficionado, this random collection of material will be of little (or no) interest. How many disjointed, irrelevant acts were there? Three? Five? We do not know. We lost count after four -and interest after three.

Gotta collect 'em all!

Our patented synopsis in a sentence? Hard in this case as there was little plot, but we will give it a go for your entertainment:  Gathered to green lantern home base, Hal Jordan plays the most minor role as narrator in a lame attempt to tie together a bunch of uninteresting, alien filled flashbacks under the guise of putting a halter top, mini skirt wearing rookie lantern at ease.

If you thought First Flight had a weak ending where Hal Jordan fought a giant inanimate battery, wait til you see this gem where they sloooowly push a whole planet into this giant guy...

DC continues to make little sense in their mismatched, unrelated, at variance with one another video releases. Perhaps it is a reflection of the DC universe itself. Is this production related in any way to Green Lantern: First Flight [2009]? Except for the cast, no. Is the timeline also confusing? Yes. Last time Hal was a noob surrounded by this cast. Now he is a vet surrounded by the very same lanterns.

"Sinestro? Weren't you the bad guy last time? Now you're... good? (And a little brusque.) I'm a noob and I'm confused..."

This wandering production may bring to mind questions:

  • Who is this giant, weird (poorly explained) main antagonist guy coming out of the sun?

  • Why should we care about any of these bizarre aliens and their out-of-nowhere stories?

"You've got a lot of crazy appendages." "Oh yeah? Well, you're a mouth-less blob."

  • Why do all humanoid female lanterns have pointed ears?

Seriously? This is getting old...

A random story from the Green Lantern universe may make for a good single issue comic book. People who buy Green Lantern comics are dedicated to the franchise. However direct to video animated releases are far more mainstream… or should be. This one was not.

"Look at me mom! I'm a green lantern!"

Also, we think it is natural to just not care as much about alien blobs to which one cannot relate. That is the reason we have Hal Jordan. He is the likable human with an understandable origin we can get behind. He is our vehicle (by original design) for interaction with this alien corps.

DC would have been much better off making a dedicated adventure for this feature, and/or (gasp) a sequel to Green Lantern: First Flight [2009]. This forgettable and avoidable production should have been named:

Anthology of Stupid Green Lantern Stories!

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2 thoughts on “Green Lantern: Emerald Knights [2011]

  1. Thanks for the comment. Although I do agree with what you have to say here, I can honestly say that I enjoyed Emerald Knights. I won’t sit here and defend everything I liked about it. But I do agree that these movies that delve in to the GL Corps don’t have a good climax/resolution. The villain(s) are not worthy of the heroes. It’s a rough balance, let’s hope that future releases will remedy this.

    • Well said. Sometimes we like something that may not be the most well conceived.

      The budget and artistic talent were there in this case, so it is a shame how it turned out. Certainly there are those out there that enjoy these kinds of GL Corps background stories, but we think this should have been more mainstream. Do it for the children.

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