Batman: The Brave and the Bold [2011] Season 3. 13 Episodes

Thank you “powers that be” for finally sticking a fork in this inconsistent, misguided, egotistical series. It had potential in its conception, but suffered debilitating schizophrenic execution. In the end, the episodes got so nonsensical that they were work to endure. That is a sad testament to such strong characters and a series that had flashes of brilliance.

Okay, we do not know how strong a character Aquaman is, but he grew on us more than most others. “OUTRAGEOUS!”

A handful of this season’s early episodes may have been penned before the final cancellation decision. We can tell because a few of them were moderately understandable and entertaining. Uhh, a few… if you skip the Bat-Mite one… and the- oh never mind. However even the pretense of a connection between opening teaser and episode body was completely gone. In fact the teasers became so crazily nonsensical that we wondered if certain DC executives were using drugs or under the threat of blackmail.

What? We like Space Ghost, but these characters aren’t even from the same universe!

See Batman use his ninja skills to become virtually invisible!

We are not here to debate whether a less serious Batman series can be pulled off. We think it can. However even the campy 60s series, which we appreciate, knew how to temper consistency with kookiness and serious plots with silly twists. Part of B:TBatB’s tragedy is because the series did not consistently stink. It was peppered with some very good serious episodes, and some pretty good offbeat episodes. They could do it well when they chose.

Yeah, that’s right. They paid homage Victor Buono’s King Tut character from the 1960s Batman series.

You may ask, “What made the show go wrong?”

  • Series creator hubris?
  • Dogged refusal to mate camp with understandability and consistency?
  • An overplayed flirtation with D-list characters?
  • Contaminated drinking water?

Don’t be fooled by the fleeting glimpse of Equinox this season. The show had long since passed the point where we could take such a villain seriously.

Always the crowd pleaser.

The creators of the show had adequate feedback from both the network and the viewers. I suppose they thought their “artistic vision” was too important to modify. Now while we are firm supporters of artistic integrity, one has to be prepared to accept the public’s reaction to it. We are amazed they continued to get funding for tripe in the form of Bat-Mite amongst others.

The last episode was a self indulgent mess where the series creators tried to lay blame for this debacle at the feet of fickle network executives. This time the execs were right.

They joked about instead wanting a computer generated Batgirl series. Well from the way this season went down hill, this is looking awful good.

There will be no Fortress patented one sentence synopsis. There will be no breakdown of the plot arc for season three. There is no need, and there was no plot.

Everybody wants to be Batman.

Do not get us wrong. We in the Fortress are not fans of the latest Batman Dark Knight movies. That one with the Joker was just stupid, contrived and depressing. We think there is room for a solemn, loner type of Batman without being overly dark. Batman does not have to be a near mental case creepizoid. We thought the Justice league Batman struck a good tone, and even “The Batman” [2004-2008] from Saturday mornings was lighter and entertaining.

Okay, Bats does have some girl problems this season… (At least Lois did not try to force Superman to marry her again -as was mentioned.)

…And some romance… with Talia al Ghul?

We like kooky minor characters. Bringing some out of the woodwork to give them a brief, successful romp in the mainstream’s light can be satisfying and broaden the DC universe. However once the viewer determines characters are being chosen just because they are stupid, you lose buy-in. Even obscure characters have motivation. Even 21 minutes of animation needs a plot. Even willfully blind network executives know when they have to pull the plug.

Criminals are a “superstitious cowardly lot” …if you dont include Lex Luthor.

Uh, Superman dressed as… Wait, Batman had a Superman face mask on over his Batman cowl…?

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