Winx Club [2005-2006] Season 2. 26 Episodes


If you do not like gentle Flora, place your hand on your wrist and check for a pulse.

If you do not like gentle Flora, place your hand on your wrist and check for a pulse.

Winx Club’s second season is unique. It does not have the “whole new magic world” quality of season one, nor the well executed villain and fairy power growth of season three. Yet it is compelling in a way different than any other season.

Compelling, however, does not mean that the full potential was reached. Some of Winx Club’s better plot ideas and new concepts, displayed here in season two, as entertaining as they were, seemed hindered by incomplete execution and annoying additions.*


In season 1 lead fairy Bloom struggles to attain and then grows her new powers.  In season 2 all club fairies strive to attain this year’s power upgrade, charmix.  It is signified by an extra gem or handbag affixed to their fairy combat outfits.

Which of these three is not bad? It's a trick question, they all are.

Charmix was a good idea on paper, but the execution was average.  The extra powers were not well defined,  late to the game, and as a result harder to totally buy into by viewers.

(Author’s note: Since this post the oft slammed Charmix has grown us. In comparison, the Sophix and Lovix transformations of SEASON 4 are less significant to character development and seem more tacked on.)


Lord Darkar completed the villain checklist. Scary appearance: check. Evil grin: Oh yeah. Powers that outclass the good guys: Yuppers. So he might ask, "Where did I go wrong?"

Dark Bloom. A good fairy gone bad is scarier than a always bad witch.

Dark Bloom. A good fairy gone bad is scarier than an always bad witch.

The season’s new villain was Lord Darkar, a creepy long-lived energy being.  He was a good design for a straight out evil antagonist.  He recruits the three evil witches from season 1 to do his bidding (and to get beat down by the fairies).

Everything about Darkar’s look and powers spoke to a more cataclysmic showdown that never occurred.  Because he was one dimensional, he needed to hit his one note harder at the end.

A great (and classic) idea well executed was Dark Bloom.  Take the lead girl and turn her bad.  Since she had grown to be the strongest of the Winx Club, it made for some tough battles and heartbreaking decisions.

For a show so light and good, the transformation of Bloom eventually ending at an all black outfit and evil cat eyes was intense.  It is one of the single best reasons to watch season 2.


As for the group, they added Layla.  Probably to round out the group’s ethnic diversity for politically correct and marketing reasons, and partially to sell more dolls.  She does little for me, and I find her attitude annoying.  Of other group interest, the selfless and sweet Flora finally gets a hero boyfriend.  The sweetest of the girls, she was due as all the others seem to have a hero to date.  It made for a nice, feel good sub-plot.

Story disguises herself as good.  Just like in real life, it is all in the eyes.

The single biggest mistake of season 2 was the introduction of pixies.  They are doll-sized magical creatures that more or less act like 5 year olds.  They were annoying, uninteresting and sucked the resources out of the main plot.  They seemed a shameless way to cash in with toys.  I am surprised the intelligent and creative man behind Winx CLub, Igninio Straffi allowed them to interfere that much.  I guess even Straffi cannot hit a home run with every decision.


Dark Bloom: "What are you talking about? I like pixies. They are delicious. Heh heh."

The men (heroes) got shorter shrift in season 2, probably because their time was absorbed by the dippy pixies.  They need more anti-magic weaponry to be effective fighters and well-rounded characters in the Winx universe.  Flora’s new romantic interest used some magic to augment his hero skills and it worked well.


Combined Trix: Take distinctive features of three bad witches and combine them into one cool looking being. Now THAT power has possibilities.

Another great idea and well done was the finale merging of the three witches by Darkar.  He combines them into a being of black energy.  It was great art direction, and fun to watch in action.  Schoolmasters Faragonda and Griffin team up their heavy hitting powers.  It was a nice hint of their former alliance (the Company of Light) later fleshed out in season 3 and the 1st movie.  Despite some drawbacks Winx Club season 2 is punctuated by good scenes and dramatic moments.

"That's all."

"That's all."

* Editors Note: First and second paragraphs modified 02/26/2012

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12 thoughts on “Winx Club [2005-2006] Season 2. 26 Episodes

  1. I like Layla/Aisha, but even now she seems out of place to me. She’s less of an outsider in season 3, but she still doesn’t feel like a part of the group to me. Also, the show doesn’t focus on her as much as the other five. Layla’s Enchantix transformation sequence is the shortest and most uninteresting of all, and her outfit itself is a bit plain. (They actually changed it halfway into the show. The first one was much prettier.) I agree that she was just stuck in to be the token “African American” character, though I’m glad she’s not too stereotypical. Still, they need to mesh her more with the other Winx or she’ll never seem to fit in.

    • Well said points. (I will post on season 3 and the 1st movie soon.) I did not notice the costume change. Interesting catch. Sometimes it does feel as though the show is hitting the viewer over the head with the other Winx girl’s devotion to Layla. I speculate the possibility that the producers feel such devotion was never fully embraced by the fans and it needed to be reinforced.

  2. I love both Flora Helia,in fact Flora is my favourite and Helia is one of my favourites(or maybe favourite).So i just love their couple.

    • We find that Flora and Helia are the couple that seem to work best together. We enjoy their interaction.

      Unlike the Bloom and Sky, where the former seems to constantly find offense for little reason. And do not even get us started on Stella and Brandon. That guy should get a medal (or his head examined) for putting up with that crazy, selfish woman.

  3. i like winx club dark bloom pictures of her and i like winx club on videos on you tube and i like winx club music videos on youtube videos

  4. Season 2 being the “weakest” season, is very opinionated. For one thing, it is ranked at many sites as one of the most popular; it brought forth new and fresh ideas, and gave each of the winx girls more time in the spotlight. Lord Darkar, The Under Realm, The pixies, Queen Amentia, Dark Bloom, The Codex – these were all very original and put the series over the top! Yes, the pixies could have been done better, but overall I think it was very well done.

    • We wish you had left your name. Thanks for stopping by. We at the Fortress do not shy away from opinion. In fact, going against the accepted opinion is one of the reasons we started this blog. We did not care for Nolan’s Batman: The Dark Knight and were tired of hearing it so glowingly praised. So what other sites say carries little weight with us.

      However, you make a good point. It has been three years since we originally penned this season 2 post. Our opinion of Winx Club has matured and evolved, especially in light of season four. Season two always had some cool elements we liked. Dark Bloom, the combo Trix, and even Darkar (when he was not acting goofy). So you inspired us to change the first two paragraphs to more accurately reflect our growing wisdom. We think you will find them more fair.

      We appreciate intelligent feedback. We look forward to other comments from you.

      Dark Bloom revels

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