Winx Club [2009] Season 4. Episodes 14-26

Is the sun setting on the Winx franchise?

Tecna lookin’ good. Inspiring geeks everywhere.

Once we were surprised to find ourselves fans of the Winx franchise.  But that was long ago, before the changes of season 4.  Seasons 1-3 were able to meld action and cute elements into something that had worldwide acceptance.  Season 4 at first could not decide whether it would retain that broad spectrum appeal or niche down into the saccharin fantasies of 8 year old girls.  Sadly they chose to focus almost exclusively on the latter.

The Winx girls- form a band? Sure it’s “easy”. Another tween fantasy fulfilled.  Uhh, shouldn’t Musa be the lead?  Just sayin’…

Winx, a show about girls focused first on a female audience.  But it also secondly included action and plot points appealing to males.  It is amazing to us how much weaker the show is when those secondary qualities are removed.   If you liked Winx for what came before, it may no longer be for you.  If  you have a taste for really girlie plots, garish outfits that appeal to pre-teens,  and plot cliches below previous levels it may still be for you.

This effeminate boy played with his own girlie ‘Love and Pet’, and was being bossed by his sister. We shudder to think of his future…

They do a lot of that this season.

Some cliches you may have thought only Japanese, but the Italians have jumped into the worn out “humans are polluting the earth and must be punished” diatribe with a heavy hand.  Be thrilled by lines from grubbly looking loggers like: “Thank you girls.  From now on we won’t damage nature no more.”  Barf.  Is this Captain Planet?    It was indoctrination.

Hey it’s Gantlos! He’s cool.  Wait, the Black Circle wizards are in the second half of season four? (Not really…)

Oh look, the Winx also have a Heart of Kandrakar! Winx and W.I.T.C.H. unite!

How about the 2nd half of season 4 one sentence plot synopsis:  The Winx girls live out pre-teen business fantasies, ignore their boyfriends, start a band, flirt with other men, fight a spaceship made of ice (really!), befriend woods-loving natives, rebuff and brainwash eeeeevil loggers, then free a group of fairies, war against them, stand around and watch Nabu sacrifice himself in a contrived manner, and finally freeze 3 black circle wizards who were trying to make the most of their bit part -oh, and Roxy finds her mother who turns out to be a queen of faeries.

Bloom continues her duplicitous flirting with Andy (who also has a band).

“Yeah, what about those cool ‘Wizards of the Black Circle’ villains they introduced at the beginning of season 4?”  Frankly, they were wasted, underplayed, de-powered and underused.  They spend a good portion of the episodes skulking around sewers.  How the mighty have fallen.  How these guys ever managed to trap the ancient fairy order of Earth we do not know.

They had such promise. Now reduced to a side plot and frozen almost as an afterthought.

So the dangerous highly trained specialists… form a band too? Who DOESN’T form a band this season?

“How about their special new wings?”  Those interchangeable wings felt forced.  Like they were a selling point on a doll and shoehorned into the episodes to boost sales.  Is that too cynical?  We also noticed the animation quality varied from decent to awful.  Even when the drawings were okay the animation did not live up.  This is not a comic book.

What about their new level of powers?  Yes; Winx to Charmix (remember those?) to Believix to two more in just a few episodes:  The decent looking but slightly overdone nature based Sophix and the cool looking wintry Lovix.  (They wanted to use “Omnitrix” but another franchise already claimed it.).  The Sophix episodes were weak and more or less turned the Winx girls into hippies. Most of you do not remember hippies – and maybe that’s for the best.

Why won’t anybody help this poor man?

On the bright side, the specialists were slightly more than an ignored afterthought during these episodes.  They are trained to fight magic users.  It would be nice to see them actually team up with the fairies more.

This is what we would have liked to see more of, the specialists and fairies fighting together back to back.

We are sad that Winx has moved away from us.  We are the same people, it is the show that changed.  Oh there will still be some great drawings based on this series.  Some nice products; maybe the next movie will be good.  But can Winx return to what made it such a phenomena?

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33 thoughts on “Winx Club [2009] Season 4. Episodes 14-26

  1. Its me again!
    Fimally! Man I waited for this!! i agree more or less everything. Band thing is ridicios, not to mention American cliche( And Winx is Italian I know) I mean…..Bratz rock angels. All these shows are giving us an impression that making a band is easier than puring milk on your cereal. Welll…..I so saw the Wizard – defeat coming…I knew Trix are the only ones who can like though more than 1 season. There like Winx etalon of Evil even if they have lost some of their shine.
    Animation is truly annoyingly bad specially when you look at the winx in profile or walking…. I can do better in Flash I dare to say.
    ( just the profile walking I mean)
    Bloom could have told andy something that would have proven for rreal that she loves guy and doesn’t look for a little afternoon – activity while Skky is in Eraklion.
    I really didn’t notice how much they chilled at bar……Poor Roxy all work no play for her and doesn’t even get to be in band. ( Here’s the answer to your question: ROXY doesn’t form a band in this season.)
    So when will you guys d the next movie? It has a hole-new-horse Transformation. A hole new level of weird transforms…..

    • Enchantix Horse Transformations!

      You are funny WinxHelina. “Horse transformations”! Ha. Why not? Girls love ponies after all.

      And you are right. You win the first no-prize for this post. Roxy did not form a band! Why not? EVERYBODY is doing it!

      • Really? I think I’ll form a band overnight and excel in keytar out of sheer willpower and because I say I can. I mean, if Stella and Bloom can do it, how hard can it be?

  2. “All these shows are giving us an impression that making a band is easier than puring milk on your cereal.”

    xD That was so awesomely put. It just shows that fans of the show are wittier and more creative than the paid writers themselves.

  3. Way to go in the Fortress. I was only able to watch the first half of this low quality season, and after reading this take I find I am happy to have not watched the last half. Furthermore, I sadly agree on pretty much all of the points made in this take. For watching the last half of the season I think you were very brave. Heh.

    If anything, the pictures in this take were very fun, some even pretty darn cool. Well, Tecna’s Believix outfit has always been a shining point in this season for me, so go Tecna! And where can I get her look? 😉

    The picture simply titled “art machine background” is one of my favorite pictures of all. A pieced-together image I think? Well done, and the outcome is very appealing. I like the blues, purples, and greens. Very digital. I can’t help but channel Tron when looking at the symbols. Sorry, that movie is still fresh on my mind, ha. And now Roxy and Bloom will be sucked into the world of programs and bits…on the next season of Winx!

    Other pictures I liked would include the spinning Heart of Kandrawinx! Lol. The duplicitous Bloom/Andy gif is rather funny to me. Why? Because it’s true perhaps. Ah that Bloom. How fame has gotten to her. Soon she will be leading the duel life of a rockstar persona and normal college girl next door. Wait, hasn’t that been done before?

    Eww. Hippy pictures. Eww. But the Star Trek nod is funny.

    Ah, and there is Nabu’s sad ending animation. Whenever I see Nabu/Ophir I can’t help but feel sorry for him. A cool character who never had a justified part. Or so I felt. Instead he is the noble sacrifice. Oh sure, sacrifice one of the normal, nice characters who I was starting to like.

    It pains me to agree with you on nearly all points made, but I do. There was so much I did not agree with: the flirtatious, overly-dramatic nature the girls have adopted; the overnight forming of bands (with Bloom as lead singer?…); those PETS; the boyfriend/girlfriend drama (which really should have been done with last season); and the underwhelming part of the Black Circle. Come on Straffi, could you not think of something more creative? This show has loads of magic at your disposal, and yet you focus on the magic girls leading normal, boring lives of pet-sitting and playing in a rock band? And if the Black Circle was to be taken out so easily, where were the Trix to take over? They were given a cameo at the end of the movie after all. Silly Straffi, Trix are for kids! So put them in the show…

    I would be here for hours agreeing with you on the contrived parts of this season. Tempting, ha. Overall I am sad. A show predominantly about magic has lost its magic. The maturity gained in past seasons was traded in for contrived plots and high school drama. The girls really regressed in maturity, the plot was not spell-binding, and the characters’ lives were simplified into band practice, pet-sitting, and inadequate battles. I couldn’t get into the plot, plain as that. Suffice it to say I agree that this season lost the Winx flavor of its past glory days.

    I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment of the first gif (and the last picture) you wittily crafted. It is sad, but I do think the sun has set on Winx. And I’d rather not admit that… 😦

    On a side note I wonder how long this particular review is. Eh heh heh…

    • A mere 608 words. You almost fit under our self imposed limit with that paltry sum.

      “Trix are for kids! So put them in the show…” We most definitely agree. When the Trix are on their game, they have character. Like Baltor and the early days of the Black Circle Wizards. Even that goofball Darkar is looking more appealing these days. Now that IS sad.

      We are glad you recognized Bloom’s duplicitous nature. We think the relationship issues are below high school level. Oh, and were you making a Jem reference? Now there was a girl who complicated her love life!

      Jem... or Jerrica?

      Poor Nabu. It is one thing to sacrifice oneself nobly. It is another to do so while everyone sits around watching. We are certainly not Layla fans here, nor really Nabu fans. However they gave him a lot of good lines and portrayed him in a good light this season. Now we know why. Look out in the future for any character coming across too well…

      You are right about the Star Trek hippie. Well spotted.

      Winx, can your sun rise again?

  4. This will probably go beyond 599 words, but I have to say it.

    Even though I did like Season 4, I really hated how rushed it was. The thing I hated most, though, was the Winx forming a rock band. They should’ve at least made Musa the lead singer, not Bloom. Still, what happened to each girl having her own unique talent? Musa is supposed to be the one with the musical talent (Stella too, I guess. She can sing). They actually could’ve turned that into a funny, little plotline or something. The Winx try out each other’s talents. I think it would’ve been so much better than all the romantic drama.

    I also got tired of the mind games they kept playing with us. Was Roxy a Winx or not? Did she have Believix or not? MAKE IT CLEAR, DARN IT!! I myself chose to believe she was a Winx and did have Believix, but why didn’t Rainbow just make it clear from the start?

    Speaking of Believix, what the heck was the point of the girls getting it all at once? And what was the point of Sophiex and Lovix if they were only one-time power-ups? And what happened to the Winx’s character development? They’re supposed to be 19 (and Stella, 20), but they may as well still be 16. Well, maybe not all of them, but Bloom, Stella and Musa, definitely. Roxy acted more mature than them at times (not to say that she should be immature, but you get it)!

    Here’s one thing I didn’t get, though. Why wasn’t Roxy eventually employed at the Love & Pet shop? She’s the FAIRY of animals and yet, she never works there. What the heck? I was also disappointed with how the Winx treated her at times. They practically babied her, or at least, Bloom did. I think Roxy would’ve developed faster if the Winx gave her more chances to prove herself and didn’t hold her hand like a toddler who’s learning how to walk. I mean, I could understand times when she really did need their protection, but they really should’ve backed off more. When Bloom first started, she didn’t have the other girls holding her hand all the time. Roxy didn’t need it either.

    It wasn’t just babying either. Sometimes, it seemed like once Roxy was gone, she was forgotten until she appeared again. You know the saying “out of sight, out of mind?” That’s what it seemed like Roxy was. They didn’t ask her if she wanted to join Love & Pet or if she wanted to take part in the band. And the excuse “she’s new” can’t be used because they DID NOT treat Layla that way when she first arrived. The worst that happened was some childish jealousy from Bloom over Sky. I felt so bad for Roxy, being treated like that. The LEAST they could’ve done was make her feel like she belonged because the poor girl was forced into being a fairy. Bloom had a choice. She didn’t have to go Alfea. She could’ve stayed in Gardenia and lived a normal life. Roxy, on the other hand, was forced into it. No choice at all. Yes, if she hadn’t, she may have been killed by the wizards, but that doesn’t change the fact that she was forced. Bloom claimed to be understanding of her plight, but she sure wasn’t acting like it! Bloom should’ve been the most sympathetic of them all.

    Here’s something else I didn’t like. The 2nd movie supposedly takes place during Season 4, right? If that’s really true, then of course, Bloom would’ve had to be completely absent from some episodes, right? I, for one, would’ve liked to see that. Not that I don’t like Bloom, but seeing how she’s almost always in the spotlight (even thought Season 4 did try to fix this), it would’ve been nice to have some episodes without her. Maybe it would’ve sped up Roxy’s development a little or the time could’ve been used for something else, like giving Kiko some more screen time. Maybe it’ll happen in Season 5, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

    I swear, though, if we get another season of Bloom’s story, I’m going to choke the writers! Where’s the originality? Why not focus more on Tecna (who really needs and deserves it) or Flora or go into Stella’s past? What led to her parents divorce and what happened to her mom? Bloom’s story is over! Move on!

    Sorry. I really didn’t mean to make it this long, but I guess once I started, I couldn’t stop. 😳

    • Yes Kae Lily, we have heard it said about the rock group. No doubt you have a point about Musa and her musical talent. Good point too regarding Stella’s past singing. Don’t the writers remember? Making Bloom the lead singer really did seem like a cop-out aimed at keeping her in the forefront.

      As bad as the band plot line was, your idea about making subplots revolving around the talents needed could have been better than so many of their other subplots.

      We would like to think that Lovix and Sophiex had more of a purpose than to just sell dolls. Well, that is what we would like to think at least…

      Yes, the girls were at times immature for their age, and even more so when you consider the hard experiences they have gone through. We found no excuse for the way they flirted and treated their so-called boyfriends.

      True about Roxy being far more coddled than early seasons Bloom.

      Yeah, Bloom gets a lot of screen time and story exposition. Straffi and company surely must know that there are many types of Winx fans with different favorite characters. With the exception of Layla, we would like to see more of the backgrounds of any of the others. Especially Tecna. We certainly enjoyed the Solaria subplot in season three.

      Thank you for weighing in Kae Lily. Your comments may have been long, but they were interesting and on target.
      Tecna Just Chilling

  5. Great Review 😉
    After watching season 3, I straight away googled season 4 (admittedly for the new outfits, shame on me). To my surprise I found about… 4 different outfits, plus different wings with the costume that seemed to be the main one (I swear, those people have ran out of ideas for the fairy clothes, with Believix being a hudge step-down from Enchantix for me) From, well made mysterious fairy outfits to… disco clothes, with Musa’s 80s fitness room pants fail.

    The plot was really all over the place for me, with another Winx girl on the team, the show getting too candycutesweetlittlegirl with love and pet thing, band (stripping Musa off of yet another priviledge of being the ‘musical’ girl in the club), animation and drawings looking rushed, girl’s emotional-attitude problems (i thought they were already past puberty…?) and the new powers.

    Don’t even get me started on the new powers. I didn’t actually pay that much attention to it being mind control, but to the fact that it was… well, crap. I mean, what can it do to the four, powerful wizards that want to kill the fairies and cut their wings off? They already believe in fairies, they wiped out an entire earth clan, remember? It doesn’t feel like it’s really there and reliable.

    The new villains were cool, sadly got their butts kicked (another flaw- the final battle potential was not fully reached). I still miss the times when the Trix were the arch villains, just because they were chaotic, twisted and hell of fun (all other villains were male, sexist much?)

    Being very negative here, but this season completely missed the mark. They did get it right marketing wise (most 8 to 12 year old girls would kill to have the set of all 5… 6… no, 7 fairy dolls)

    Some of my opinions migh not be as accurate, but I watched the show online in quite horrible quality. If they make another season with even more sickening lack of solid story and designs, I am definitely not watching.
    I will rely on the Fortress for opinion 😉

    • Thank you M, we appreciate your opinion and thoughtful comment.

      We admit as well that some of the new fairy costumes are not striking as pleasing a visual note as we would have hoped. In fact some of them are getting downright garish. And we cannot disagree with your colorful (and humorous) description of Musa’s pants (pantaloons).

      And yes, the girls are supposed to be passed puberty. That’s what made some of their boyfriend/flirting/arguments so ill fitting.

      As for the Black Circle Wizards… All that potential… ugh. Darkar had potential, greatly wasted. Baltor had potential, and to the credit of Winx it was mostly realized (until the end). The Trix have potential which has been used and misused throughout the seasons, but we definitely agree with you; they are fun.

      Oh, so you are leaving it up to us to have to endure another season first before you check it out? Thanks a lot. 😉 That is a great responsibility, and hopefully not a burden. Please be good season five…

      (Below: Stella hopes for a better Winx future…)

      Stella hopes for a better winx future.

  6. After about, erm…2 years, I still can’t stand Roxy. She have the spotlight and everything, when Bloom had it for 3 seasons(frankly,I can’t stand her too)! In Season 2, Layla only had the spotlight for a while, what about Roxy? I think the 3 Believix powers, Zoomix, Tracix and Speedix is a lot worser than the Fairy Dust from the Enchantix powers. I think just with normal wings, you can do all those. Bloom is really mean to Sky. First, flirt with an Earthling, dump him and get back together?! That’s really ridiculous! I feel really sad for Stella. She have to bear with Mitzi, another Earthling, which she could actually turn her into a mouse in 10 seconds?

    Anyway, this site is really cool! Can I be affies?

    • Thank you for stopping by Brandeline. You bring up some good points. It is interesting looking at the introduction of Roxy from the perspective of two years later. …yeah, that introduction could have been handled batter. While we also do not care much for Layla, her introduction was handled better.

      You know we agree regarding the extra wings. They might make for interesting doll attachments, but as a power for the TV show they are falling a little flat. Believix does not seem clearly focused.

      We so agree about the girls being rude and out of line with the guys. At least we can count on Flora and Tecna to treat their guys with more care.

      We do not do a links section here at the Fortress, but we checked out your Winx Club Times and we think it is cute. We even voted in your poll.

      We look forward to more discussion on additional comments you may add.

      We love sunny days.

  7. (I hope you don’t mind me replying) but I have to say I agree. Fervently agree. You have some great points that I think Winx fans agree upon all over the world. I admit I have never watched the entirety of Season 4, but then I think many fans would agree that it was not worth watching to the end? There were so many failings that it was hard to bear, especially after seeing the gold that was in the first two seasons. I was sorely disappointed in the useless multitude of fairy outfits– it was just screaming creative abuse. I typically like to enjoy the creativity that Straffi surprised me with every season. However, in the case of Season 4 –> overkill. You can have too much of a good thing. I hope he learned his lesson.

    Then you hit on a great point about how “witchy” the girls were becoming. As if Bloom or Stella (or any other girl) really needed to hop on the ill-tempered teen bandwagon…

    Drama: compelling.
    Brattish: annoying.

    We needed heroes (or heroines) in this season, not brats. The girls should have become more mature in their relationships with their boyfriends and others around them. Not the other way around. I felt terrible for the boyfriends. I do not think it even fit the girls’ temperaments to have them become so ill-tempered. It was out-of-character in my opinion. I believe Bloom and the gang would have treated their guys far better had the writers really sought to grow these characters. Stella on the other hand…well, she might need a little more help as she comes from a “Your Highness”-kind of background. 😉

    Well, I think it all comes down to the society norms. Even in Europe writers have sensed the desire for bratty, high-school drama. I was hoping for something more refined and compelling. Characters and story that were more mature, that younger (and even older) viewers could look up to. Maybe the world will grow out of the fad it currently is in. Let’s hope.

  8. Well. It was a few years in the coming, but I finally pulled myself together and watched the second half of Winx Club Season 4. As expected, all of my earlier comments before watching are sound.

    Honestly, my biggest plot pet-peeve is “Why won’t anybody help this poor man?” — referring to Nabu of course. *le biggest sigh evar* Straffi was going for drama points here obviously, but I do not agree with his decision to *insert spoiler here* Nabu.

    Other than that, the lack of Specialist and Winx combos was sorely lacking. I really enjoyed seeing them team up in earlier seasons. The Specialists are SPECIAL, so why do I feel like they are just Fruity Bar employees who dabble in forming a rock band?

    Then we have the flood of extra transformation and wings. Fruity Bar overload. Rock Bands — ugh, need I say more? Love and Pet. x_x

    Then, Roxy takes a turn and becomes Miss Go-Get-Em, though I felt she was too selfish for most of the plot for her new reformed self to make any waves with me. I want superheros that go above themselves, that think about others first. Roxy was not a character I cared for; her indifference to the safety of the planet clashed greatly with her “I don’t like seeing animals hurt”. How about some compassion for other humans and all the creatures that WILL BE HURT if the Wizards take over the planet?

    Let’s seem, am I forgetting anything? Well, the end plot was good (or at least interesting), except it should have been a little more tight. The Wizards should not have been thrown on the side. If anything, Straffi should have separated that season into two separate seasons. Too much content that would have been much better suited to two seasons. Wizards in the first season, then introduce the fairy circle in the following season, or maybe a movie.

    I also did not feel much character development for anyone, except maybe Roxy and Musa. Everyone else was just there. Nothing truly moved in the original Winx team’s lives. Meh. I like to see the girls grow up and learn through their adventures. There was little of that. Too much time spent at the Fruity Bar and singing rock songs. Yeah, Bloom on the front microphone. That makes every bit of sense to me. *rolling my eyes and glaring at Straffi*. Oh how I miss Season 1 and 2. The characters were true, not contrived and dull and all the same.

    I hope this is not the sun setting on the Winx franchise. I am looking into Season 5 still. I have to at least give it a chance, though Straffi hasn’t won me over much lately. The introduction of CGI into the cartoon series is definitely a huge negative for me. However, if he manages to once again create a worthy plot with worthy character development, I may be more forgiving.

    • Good points copious and appreciated Fortress contributor zhanneel. There is definitely something to be said for kicking it olde school.
      Faragonda kicks it olde school

      Is the “magic” of the earlier seasons gone for good? It is as if this season started with the crew of season three, then they all left, and it was taken over by toy marketers and Straffi’s nephew. That is one way to describe a season gone so horribly astray. Bits and pieces of good stuff slathered with generous amounts of sludge.

      What audience was season 4 aiming at? The pilot episode made it seem more mature, as though they were going the sensible route of maturing the franchise to keep with its maturing fans. But alas, after the initial cool introduction of the Black Circle wizards, it went completely juvenile, or worse, stupid. All those things you mentioned about cutesy overload. So true.

      The “not-so-specialists” were indeed reduced to bumbling Fruity Bar employees (and boy-band wannabes), and victims for the Winx girls snobbery. As for Nabu, yes, it was an unsatisfying end, made more so by its lack of clarity. What really happened? We listened to it and still do not know for sure.


  9. Lemme say this….winxclub is like my favourite show ever and I am already 19 years old.But what I hav always yearned for is to see more of Musa and Riven,my fav couples ever!!But its always bloom sky,stella brandon etc….and season 4 did not exactly change that:-(What a bummer!And dont cha think Riven’s real hot?

    • IF anybody aside from Bloom and Roxy got any plot development, it was Musa and Riven. All the other girls were sadly homogenized into blandness. The original design of the specialists was pretty good too. They, aside from Brandon and Skye, were each different and unique. Well done for supporting roles. One of the group as to be the “bad boy” to reach out to maximum audience. He’s got attitude.

      • I really liked how Riven and Musa were shown. Exept when Musa got all bratty with him after her audition. Couldn’t she see that he was just jealous? And he had a reason to be! Musa ended up liking Jason for a bit.

  10. I totally agree……The girls r acting like high school girls when they r around 19 years old!They also do not seem to lead a practical life,come on who will ever find exactly 6 girls,best friends,all interested in-nothing but some inhuman pets?Those pets r also too mushy and sweet it makes me wanna gag.

    • You hit upon something really good here:
      “6 girls, best friends, all interested in nothing” — right there. Winx Club used to be awesome because it tailored each girl to be unique. The girls did NOT all like the same things; they had personality, they had differences. Those differences are what made the show different than other “girly” shows of its time. Six girls with the same likes and dislikes? The producer may as well just cut the budget and drop five of the girls from the show. I can’t stand seeing the entire group have a one-track personality. They are always in perfect sync, never argue/have a difference of opinion, and never show realistic character. At least, not in season four. I truly miss season one. The girls were much more real and true to real life. Not this “utopian dorm life” stuff that doesn’t exist.

      PS – I completely agree with you on the ridiculous amount of mush and gush regarding the Love and Pet plot. It is overkill and gagging.

    • Yes indeed sandy! The girls were very immature in regards to their so-called relationships for sure. Bloom’s treatment of Skye? Ugh. And the pets! Oh the pets… We cannot think about it too much or we will have a dreadful flashback. 😉


  11. Actually, not that I’m criticizing the Winx and Iginio Straffi, but yeah, I kinda agree for all of you guys. In seasons 1 and 2, all of them girls were very realistic and true to life. They have their own likes, and dislikes, own opinions, and characteristics that made them in perfect sync and harmony (like Yin and Yang). In season 3, they were having a development and maturity. But in season 4? Ugh, no way. They were like from 19, going back to 16. The rock band thingy, I think it kinda sucked, it seems like it’s the reason why the girls acted so mean in front of their boyfriends and it kinda set the sun out of the Winx Franchise. Straffi seems ran out of ideas, or creativeness. Sad to say but I kinda feel sorry for Roxy and Nabu. First of all, Roxy needs to be in the band, or even just being employed at the Love & Pet shop anyways. She’s the fairy of the animals so why can’t she handle the fairy pets in the shop? I mean, the animals in the shop would have been more happy over there seeing their fairy. Whether you agree with me or not, Nabu kinda sacrificed without a prize! Come on, he needs a prize like a power up or something that would make him very happy. While he was sacrificing, wouldn’t the Winx or even Layla/Aisha said “Stop it Nabu! It will only get you killed!” or they could have just even stopped him from doing it or helped him by saving the others. It ended up as the Earth fairies, the Winx, and the Specialists just remained standing still like a statue while watching their friend suffer from saving them and then died. Honestly, season 4 sucked. And yeah you’re right Fortress, Season 5, be good….. 😀 Have a nice day!

    • Fine comment Pauleene. Yes, watching Nabu was tough, especially because everyone else also seemed to be WATCHING instead of helping. The situation was indeed incredulous as you implied.


      Straffi has a big empire. Even if he personally ran out of ideas, what about all the creative people who work for him and care for the Winx franchise? Can they all be shut down? Do the producers even care about the original fans anymore, or is it all about a new generation of kids who may have never seen the original?

      Unlike the original Winx seasons, 4 & 5 are not going to attract a wide audience that goes beyond 8 year old girls. Too bad. We as males enjoyed the first three season (except the pixies… ewww). Winx became a phenomena because of the large audience it attracted. The sun seems to have set on those days too, unless season 5 can reverse the course. We can hope.

  12. I didn’t mind Nabu dieing. In the sense that I didn’t like Nabu and is he actually dead? Though someone should have definitely done something to help out. They can’t just pretend they were stunned.

    I liked how Layla tried to get revenge. She had a right to be angry. But seriously it was just Nabu. And she actually treated him right unlike Bloom, Stella and Musa.

    You barely saw anything of Timmy this season. At least they bothered to mention he was smart enough for a computer job but where were all his talking parts? I really want to see more of Tecna, Timmy, Flora and Helia!

    They could have just had it as Musa and Stella becoming singers. Why did they have to do the whole band thing? seriously? The others should not be musical that is Musa’s thing.

    I hate the ending. Seriously what would you guys choose? Be a guardian of a magical universe at Alfea? Or live on boring earth?

    I’m liking season 5 so far and I hope it fixes the terrible mistakes of season 4.

    • You made some good points FloTec. As you may know, Tecna is our favorite. We are also fond of Flora, and Stella is actually growing on us.

      Your comment about how Musa treated Riven was demonstrative of how the girls treated the boys the whole season, and how the guys were really given short shrift. Red Fountain is supposed to mean something more than sidekick, is it not?

      We think Nubu has grown on us more than Layla. Maybe our opinion of her will soften in season 5. We hope Straffi gets better results than 4.

  13. Season 4 killed me a little bit on the inside. Too many characters to keep track of- not totally keen on Roxy- Nabu dies or something similar but we’re not actually sure- and the Trix didn’t form a heavy metal band like I assumed they would. But then again, they weren’t even in this season… I missed them. 😥
    I couldn’t actually believe that the rest of the Winx were acting as side characters to Bloom and Roxy, I mean what the hell?! And as for the characterisation, it’s like they all morphed into some kind of personality-less uber-girl! Where’s Flora sweet shyness? Musa’s attitude? The only thing which was kind of explained was the fact the Bloom isn’t a clueless idiot anymore, because all the episodes are completely focused on her.

    Flora and Helia fluff was at a loss during this season, which was really disappointing for me 😦 I’m hoping to see some more of it in the next season… And maybe less Bloom and Sky. They’re making me nauseous.

    Are you planning on doing Season 5 when it finishes? I’d love to see what you have to say about it!

    • Erro, you are right on target as we see it. Nicely thought out and commented.

      We too missed Flora and Helia, a fine couple as we see it. (Although Helia’s hair change was icky.)

      We have just about finished watching the first half of season 5 and will soon put our take up. Thanks for asking.

      Funny about the Trix forming a heavy metal band. As stupid as that sounds, it might have made the whole band forming plot-line more interesting.
      Nice art by aerith_amaryl

  14. Pingback: Winx Club: A Modern Fairy Tale | Amy Elize

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