Winx Club [2004] Season 1. 26 Episodes



Italian producer/writer/creator Iginio Straffi put together a unique television show with international appeal. Two key reasons for this success were timeless themes and classic story elements.

With all the darkness threatening our world these days, it was great to see people overcoming evil and their own weaknesses to triumph.  Other themes like finding one’s true self and real friendship are hallmarks of not only Winx Club, but many of today’s most popular shows.

All geeks are not as good looking as Tecna. You only see that in animated shows, ...and Hollywood movies.

All geeks are not as good looking as Tecna. You only see that in animated shows, …and Hollywood movies.

Another reason for its wild success was its consistent art direction and visual flair.  Winx Club did not try to be less edgy anime, nor Disney fare.  Instead it took its own path with stylized fashions, character designs, vehicles and environments.  Undoubtedly Winx Club’s first targeted audience is young girls.  To that end the focus is primarily on the lead female characters.  However Winx Club can also be appreciated by anyone who likes a show with a ton of heart.

Flora was the sweetest of the girls, although her powers over plant life could squash you like a grape.

Flora was the sweetest of the girls, although her powers over plant life could squash you like a grape.

winx_supp_se01_41The story is about a young girl who comes of age to learn she has magic powers and (after a time) is a princess.  Her biological parents are believed dead, but her search for them will form the longest arc.  She goes off into another realm to learn about her powers and heritage and makes 4 friends who will be her allies throughout the series.  Classic elements seen in many old stories and modern fiction.

This first season sets the stage and builds the foundation for seasons 2, 3 and the first movie.  It sets in motion a welcome arc weaved throughout many of the episodes.  As a result you always felt like you were going someplace beyond a single episode’s goal as the lead character Bloom learned more about and grew in her powers.

What ever happened to Stella's Solarian Sun Staff that turned into a ring and allowed her to travel across dimensions?  Forgotten in the realm of diused plot devices along with second season's "Charmix".

What ever happened to Stella’s Solarian Sun Staff that turned into a ring and allowed her to travel across dimensions? Forgotten in the realm of disused plot devices along with season two’s “Charmix”.

Like many a superhero show, when it came time to fight the baddies the girls transformed into their magical outfits.  These were pretty and dare I say a little racy, but hey, it’s Italian.  They can get away with it.

Bloom:  Okay, it is not the most practical combat wear, but it is easy on the eyes.

Bloom: Okay, it is not the most practical combat wear, but it is easy on the eyes.

winx_supp_se01_5Three main schools exist for the teaching of youngsters in this dimension.  Alfea is where the girl leads go (fairies) and is for “lawful good” magical girls if you will pardon the D&D alignment.  The not-so-good magical girls (witches) go to Cloud Tower. They are anything from lawful evil to chaotic good.  The mostly non-magical guys go to Red Fountain where they use special weapons and vehicles training to be “heroes”.

“Sky, you are so manly.” — “I know. It’s this pose.”

The three main villains for season 1 are (later) expelled witches with bad attitudes.  They went all the way chaotic evil.  The English dubbing for these three and all the characters really is a bit over the top, but it worked.  The drama was sometimes quite serious.  More so than would be in a similarly targeted recent American release.  Likely the differing Italian standards.  There were historical deaths, real danger, and permanent disfigurement (life as a pumpkin) to deal with.  The seriousness added to the drama for sure.

Stormy, Darcy, and Icey could electrocute you, burn your mind, and/or freeze you solid... in that order.

Stormy, Darcy, and Icey could electrocute you, burn your mind, and/or freeze you solid… in that order.

Each fairy fought with unique powers.

  • Bloom  –   dragon flame
  • Flora    –   plants
  • Tecna   –   technology (no surprise)
  • Stella    –   sun power
  • Musa    –   music

Note to bad guys:  If you ever see this look in your show's lead character, exit immediately.

Note to bad guys: If you ever see this look in your show’s lead character (Bloom), exit immediately.

The multi-episode finale of the first season got pretty intense with an all out army sized battle at Alfea and a desperate showdown between Bloom and the head witch baddie Icy.  You see the final blow only from a great distance as a huge emission of dragon flame.  A fitting dramatic device that makes you imagine the final hit.

Winx Cub is a feel good gem with clearly defined good guys and bad guys that should appeal to young girls.  You might also like it if you like pretty designs, stories about friendship and overcoming adversity themes.

“Would I lie?”

Special Thanks to Zhanneel for the extra caps.

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39 thoughts on “Winx Club [2004] Season 1. 26 Episodes

  1. So many reasons to like Winx Club and I think you hit on many of them. Romance is another cute theme, which I’m always partial to–especially when it works out for the best, after a bit of struggle and work. Nothing comes easy, and that’s why each of the girls’ stories speak to me. So many different personalities you’re bound to find someone to connect to. I know I have my favorites and they seem to be featured prominently here. 😉

    The outfits were indeed fanciful, pretty, and cute. I think Straffi did a wonderful job designing unique takes on how each girl (and guy) would appear in “civilian” and “battle” apparel. How many outfits would I personally wear from that show? Hmm, let me count. (Better get an adding machine, this could take all day.)

    Season 1 will always be my favorite. It was well-rounded and involved more even character development compared to the later seasons. Some continuity issues occurred in later seasons. *nod* Like Stella’s ring. So sad. That has not sat well with avid Winx fans. I sorely miss the ring-staff. Most likely the staff thought it would outshine Bloom’s uniqueness and they ditched it in an effort to keep the style attention on her. =/

    Your last statement was sweet. Winx Club is such a feel-good show, and can lighten the weight of a sometimes dull reality. Good over evil is done often, but I tend to lean toward shows that have a clear idea of this theme. I find it very heartening in my own life.

    Nice job as always with your takes!

  2. Thank you for a thoughtful comment about a series worth watching and one upon which we spent time to writing these takes.

    We understand why you like the first season best. There is something special about beginnings that cannot be duplicated. (It can be followed with other great different stuff though.) Like the first Harry Potter movie. The one where his eyes were opened to a whole new world. It is a feeling of exploration, one we shared with Bloom on her new journey.

    We agree with you, there is a character for nearly everybody in this series. We think though, the world would be a far more … distracting place were everybody to don these outfits as you have intimated you would like to do. 😉

    We are glad others have noticed the ring/staff has gone missing. Too much focus on Bloom can hurt the show. It is an ensemble cast.

    Good versus evil is getting muddy in much of the media these days. So we agree how refreshing it is to have a show like this where it is clear. Not overly simple, but clear. You can root for your pals and be glad in the end.

  3. Yep. It’s the only season that bloom’s hair has a decent lenght- noticed that over the seasons her hair is getting longer and longer..? Bloom, hun, please go to hairdressers like musa and get it darn cut…! not talkin about other girls

    it’s just a little something that i noticed 😉

      • Hmm. So I’ve concluded–after using Tecna-like logic–that, generally, it is desirable for the girls’ hair to grow longer (and possibly more complex-looking), while the boys’ hair styles seem to be cut shorter and shorter until…? One can only conclude that baldness is the ultimate goal of our hot Red Fountain boys. Looks like our once Legolas-inspired Professor Palladium is ugly by these new standards? Digit, are my calculations correct?

      • Digit just sent an email to the Fortress. She asks if this means that Brandon will finally get the hair out of his eyes? Also she noted that the entire Black Circle has long hair. Well, following your logic they would indeed have to start long to end up with their crew cuts – or less!

      • These hair trends lead me to elect Patrick Stewart for next Red Fountain boy. I vote yes. 🙂 (Okay, we can throw in Vin Diesel as well.)

  4. I like me very much … winx girls and I desire to become as Bloom. but this is impossible because I had loved with all my heart to become like that because the characteristic that has like Bloom, and I run every day does not go without watching winx Bloom and especially .

  5. Quote:
    “All geeks are not as good looking as Tecna. You only see that in animated shows, …and Hollywood movies.”

    Hey now, I take offense to that. 😛
    (Just kidding, just kidding.)

    Nice descriptions! I can tell that you really took your time in putting this all together. 🙂 Great job.

    • Thank you for noticing our efforts. We enjoyed the first three seasons of Winx. It surprised us.

      Oh, we are not saying there are not good looking geeks out there. Some people are gifted with looks, others intelligence. A smaller number of people are fortunate enough to have both.

      Is it not funny how in many Hollywood movies the geeks are often good looking actors “nerded up” with a pair of glasses? 😉

  6. Bloom is totally the best, featuring great looks, firepower, love of scooters (I am sure she would properly love a Honda Reflex even), and a pet rabbit! I love scooters and rabbits to, though I am not near as good looking and my only firepower comes from a deer rifle (I can’t imagine Bloom hunting deer though, but she does like pizza, and pizza has pepperoni, so maybe?)

    Unfortunately my friends don’t like it as much as I do, and also there is a tragic lack of support from RPG companies as well, I very much hope this changes in the future for I eagerly await GURPS: WinX Club

    Also for some baffling reason the PS2 game was only recently in Europe, depriving poor North Americans of its glory and likely doing bad things to world economy . . . I think it is time that portions of reality (in places such as Europe and Asia) became aware of the existence of North America, whether or not they want to (really, we’re a very nice continent, with nice people which don’t usually bite!)

    • Bloom is certainly the the “lead”. She gets a lot, perhaps in season 4, too much attention. We understand why you like her, although the group is designed to have someone to which to relate. Different strokes for different folks as the cliche goes.

      We do not think Bloom would be much of a hunter, although you are right, she does seem like a pepperoni pizza lover.

      Winx, and perhaps all Straffi productions including HUNTIK seem to ignore almost willfully North America. We are not sure what he is thinking. The 4Kids run was popular.

      The First Generation

      PS – Yay for the Solarian Sun Staff!

  7. As a veteran Tecna fan (how many years ago did Winx begin??), I noticed there was a new animated gif on this page. How very nice, she is practically hovering in the frame. That was a nice additional effect along with the cool lighting. I am in awe again of how cool Tecna is, just look at her fighting pose. As if she is about to kick* someone in the face. I can practically feel her powering up when watching your animation. Very nicely done Fortress Guy.

    * However the NCSC would probably frown upon that. (But, then again, if you have good reason…)

  8. This made me laugh out loud, and everything you said is so so true 😀

    Flora is the sweetest, cutest and will always be my favourite :3 (I’m loving the picture of GeorgiaCosplay, she’s so awesome!)

    I love all the winx girls, but I am getting fed up with all the attention on Bloom and her friggin’ dragon flame. I’m starting to believe that her fans have no imagination what so ever because her back story, love life etc are all so solid! I’m still having trouble deciphering what her actual character is though, I know she’s meant to be determined, brave, powerful, born leader blah blah blah, but is that it? I mean, where are her flaws?

    On Winx wiki, I read that all the lead characters were inspired by actual people:

    Tecna: The singer P!nk
    Musa: Lucy Liu
    Stella: Cameron Diaz
    Flora: Jennifer Lopez
    and Bloom: Ignio’s own wife

    (Aisha/Layla: Beyonce Knowles)

    This really interested me, because it makes me feel that Ignio has clear favouritism towards Bloom. I thought that once she had found her birth parents, she would fall into that background a little, but apparently not.

    The original first series (Not the ‘cut out everything apart from Bloom’ version dubbed by Nick) has a certain charm that no other season could beat. Season 2 comes close, I liked the introduction of Layla and of course Helia (but the pixies not so much), though series one will remain my favourite.

    I miss both Stella’s sun staff and charmix, what happened to them? 😦

    • A fine comment Ailuro.

      We agree with you about Bloom’s power. We mention that in one of our Season 4 takes. You can call a colored ball of light “power of the dragon” or something, but it is still just a colored ball of light that looks a lot like the colored balls of light everyone else is shooting.

      That is interesting about Straffi’s character inspiration. I wonder if it went beyond looks to personality? Favoring Bloom as the lead is one thing, but people will start to push back against her “taking over.” The whole cast was introduced well and independently talented in the early seasons. It would be a shame to let their personalities and strengths melt into a blob like season 4.

      We are glad you appreciate the humor here. Yes, what did happen to to that awesome staff of Solaria? Charmix may have been replaced, but the staff should not be gathering dust in a dorm room closet at Alfea!

      Solarian Staff!

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