Winx Club [2009] Season 4. Episodes 1-13


Winx Club returns with season four after a CGI movie and a couple years off.  This take covers the 13 episodes that led to the mid-season finale and subsequent hiatus.  Now, synopsis in a sentence:

They do not look happy about being back.  Flora spent the break on Slim Fast so you think she would be happier seeing how well she fits back into her bare midriff aoutfit.

They do not look happy about being back. Flora spent the break on 'Nutra-System' so you think she would be happier seeing that she fits back into her bare midriff outfit.

Winx_season_4_Tecna_believix_transformThe Winx Club fairies travel to non-magical Earth in order to find its last fairy before her powers are stolen by the wizards of the black circle who have become powerful by that means and along the way the girls will display a bevy of new outfits -and some selfish behavior, start a cutesy business, battle the black circle and use their new powers to mind control people on Earth.


Bloom, are you crazy?  Keep it covered!  You know bad guys can see you through paintings of them.

Bloom, are you crazy? Keep it covered! You know bad guys can observe through paintings of them.

"I am Gantlos, coolest, cruelest and arguably the most powerful of the black circle wizards.  It will take more than a flightly blond princess whose greatest challenge is split ends

"I am Gantlos, coolest, cruelest and arguably the most powerful of the black circle wizards. It will take more than a flighty blond princess whose greatest challenge is split ends to beat me..."


Okay, we threw some editorial spin into that synopsis.  We admit it.  Winx Club is regarded well in the Fortress, as a result we expect it to live up to its potential.  After the initial kick off the season quickly devolved into what is least good about young female shows.  Faults they had for the most part avoided in previous seasons.  They would not regain their footing until episode 8.

Ogron, leader of the black circle wizards.  Why is it that the bad guys always have the best tailors?

Ogron, leader of the black circle wizards. Why is it that the bad guys always have the best tailors?


Season one focused on Bloom gaining her fairy powers.  Two on all of them gaining their quickly forgotten Charmix powers.  Three was Enchantix.  Continuing the tradition the new power up was Believix. It makes use of three wing types -a plot device so far underutilized.


"Hi I'm Roxy, the new girl.  Here I am striking a dramatic pose to prove the the verteran Winx girls that I got what it takes."

"Hi I'm Roxy, the new girl. Here I am striking a dramatic pose proving to the veteran Winx girls that I got what it takes."

The past power-ups were major plot vehicles needing to be individually and dramatically earned.  Season four introduced Believix anti-climatically all at once with only the barest justification -even in Winx logic.  Why give up such a valuable plot tool?  The “learning about our powers from a book” replacement plot device was weak in comparison.

"Don't knock learning from books."  Tecna is the cutest nerd ever.  She may be right barring overwhelmingly powerful enemies...

"Don't knock learning from books." Tecna is the cutest nerd ever (seen here working on Fortress Takes). She may be right about book-learning Believix powers - barring overwhelmingly powerful enemies... know, enemies that make huge craters with their fists. know, enemies that make huge craters with their fists.

On the plus side season 4’s art direction was some of Winx’s best.  While you may not be able to differentiate a Speedix wing from a Zoomix, the Believix outfits were good looking (with the exception of Musa -sorry, pantaloons are out).

Short straw draws the panelones Musa.  You lost.

Short straw draws the pantaloons. Musa, you lost.

"We may entrances like this the whole season."

"We make entrances like this the whole season." Now actual quotes. Ogron upon watching the Winx girls transform again: "Always with this annoying ballet." Gantlos: "I like it, but it gets old."

The art direction also shone in their civilian outfits and especially in the design of Ogron and his black circle wizards.  They made solid and overpowering enemies.  So when they started resorting to subtle (and lame) half-hour TV plot tricks in order to beat the Winx girls instead of just taking them head on we shook our heads.

"Hahaha!  Look how evil and powerful I am.  You know what I'm going to do next?  Sneak into your cutsie pet business at night and make the furballs go bad when they get hungry.  Ha ha - hmmm, wait.  That does not really sound so dasterdly."

"Hahaha! Look how evil and powerful I am. You know what I'm going to do next? Sneak into your cutesy pet business at night and make the fur-balls go bad when they get hungry. Ha ha- wait. That doesn't really sound so dastardly..."

Most of Gantlos' offensive powers were shockwave based.  He also had a magical tracking ability -and a cool hat.  Unlike Musa, he really won this season's cool lottery.

Most of Gantlos' offensive powers were shockwave based. He also had a magical tracking ability -and a cool hat. He really won this season's "cool attributes" dispersion lottery.

We liked the fact that Ogron and his goons had distinct, interesting powers.  The Winx girls do too.  However until the later episodes they were just flinging colored balls of light and beams.  You can call a colored ball of light “fury of the dragon”, morphix, statix or anything-ix -it is still a colored ball of light!  Later they finally started to manifest powers along their specialties.


"Fury of the Dragon" our a$$. We have seen Bloom's dragon's fury a few times before, like in the final showdown with Icy in season 1. These were just more colored balls of light.


The boyfriends/specialists continued to get short shrift and only occasionally showed that they are warriors trained to fight magic types.


That's what we're talking about.

That's what we're talking about.

Additionally, they were sent on the thankless mission to watch the girl’s backs and were treated rudely and without compassion by their flirty alleged girlfriends -especially Stella.


"Next 'Cheaters':  Bloom gets extra close to her ex."  Honestly, the girls displayed many characteristics of the exact type of which girls should not

"Next 'Cheaters': Bloom gets extra close to her ex." Call us old fashioned, but this goes past flirting -especially with an ex-boyfriend showing interest. Duplicity 1, Credibility 0.

We hear ya' dude.  In your case it just may not be worth it...

We hear ya' dude. In your case it just may not be worth it...


The animation was computer smoothed in episode 1, after that the overall quality lowered, was unclear and garish.  Yet some of the still drawings in freeze frame are quite pretty.  Some producer must have really stuck it to the staff to get improvement on characterization, story and animation fronts around episode 8.

They got it right with Musa's hair...

They got it right with Musa's hair...

On the other hand, when we look to the left upon the wtetched spider-landed-on-his-head cut that they inflicted upon Helia...  Well, like Nancy Kerrigan after her knee was clubbed we can only yell, "Why? Why?"

On the other hand... Helia's new 'spider-landed-on-my-head' cut (left) replaced his fitting longer locks. Well, like Nancy Kerrigan after her knee was clubbed we can only ask, "Why? Why?"

The fairies’ “dust” powers were a little creepy.  They actually seemed to alter the minds of people against their will, though that is not how they spun it. Especially the pawn shop owner.

THe specialists came in and pawned a ring.  I gave them money.  Now becuase of your mind-bending spell I am out my money AND the ring.  Thanks 'good guys'!"

"The specialists pawned a ring. I gave them money. Now because of your mind-bending spell I am out my money AND the ring. We call that robbery here on Earth. Thanks 'good guys'!"

The producers wisely chose Earth as an interesting new setting, and seemed to have overcome early stumbles. Season 4 could now live up to past potential.


Why so glum chum?  We've still got 13 episodes to go this season.

"Remember when there were only 5 of us?" "Yep, those were the days."

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67 thoughts on “Winx Club [2009] Season 4. Episodes 1-13

  1. These are really good! Are the ones with subtitles screenshots?

    P.S.:Want to be affies? I’ll add your link to my links page and you can add mine to yours.

    • Thanks Morgayne. Most of the pics are screenshots, although I try to massage them in photoshop to make them as crisp and clear as possible.

      I did go a little overboard this take making the animated gifs. With so many cool possibilities I just could not resist. (And yes to the affie request.)

  2. Okay, I promised I comment, so here I go. Sorry that it’s long.

    I completely agree with the Believix failure. I also liked how, in the other seasons, the transformations were tied to the Winx’s maturing. Having them all transform at the same time for no reason other than Roxy’s suddenly believing in fairies disappointed me. Roxy’s the only one who seems to have gotten the luxury of growing with her magic.

    The Wizards are, to me, the most colorful bad guys the show has ever produced, even more so than the Trix. (The Trix have lost their style since season one.) They’re deliciously evil and clever, yet, strangely, a close group like the Winx. I love that paradox. My favorite is Ogron because he seems to be the most rounded character (go figure, since he’s the leader).

    As for animation, the Flash style in episode one scared me. The only thing I liked about it was the flapping of the Enchantix wings. Still, I was relieved when Rainbow switched back in episode two. Unfortunately, they’ve made so many mistakes here and there (Winx transforming with the group when they’re not there, nonsensical character repetition, etc.) that the whole production seems a bit rushed. Maybe they fixed these things during the break…

    Some smaller things:
    – Yes, Bloom crossed the line when she kissed Andy. I don’t know what possessed her to do that, as much grief as she gives Sky about the women in his life. Shame on her!
    – Now that I think about it, the filler-ish episodes were rather out-of-place for “Winx Club.” I’m so used to it in magical girl anime that I didn’t notice. =P
    – Musa’s Believix and Helia’s new haircut both FAIL
    – And the Believix power does seem like mind-control to me, too. I’m still trying to figure out why it’s good magic.

    Okay, that’s my “take,” I guess. Sorry again for being long.

    • OP, thank you for weighing in. We were waiting. Do not sweat the length, you brought some great opinions to the table (and made us laugh).

      Good point about the “rushed” results so far. We also hope that they are using this hiatus to get their act together, tighten up the episode stories and increase the animation quality. No more “making the too-cute pets go bad when hungry” plots. That is so below the Black Circle wizards who we agree are great enemies (and smart dressers).

      Your “smaller things” comments: It is gratifying to hear your agreement on some of those issues. We did not even have to sprinkle our believix dust on you to mind-control -er, “convince” you either. 😉 Bloom is definitely doing the double-standard two-step, and your “fail” comment cracked us up. Pantaloons are not coming back!

      • Like if you know when this happen in huntik:

        now seriously, i always had a question: what if straffi would use the character desing that use in huntik for the winx club? i try to response que question:

        for the draw i combine elements from the suits that they use in the magic bloom pilot episode, because i like too much how they looks, what do you think, winx clud be better or not of this form? who more like to me how looks was tecna, their suit sugsests that she’s the fairy who more fight physically

      • Heh, you are funny. It’s interesting to see the Winx girls, normally so skinny, filled out to fuller proportions. We like how you kept the outfits simple, reflecting their first transformation look. We are fond of the simpler designs. Some of the new ones get very busy. You have some good takes on costuming. And Tecna’s outfit does have a physical combat look when compared to the others.

        Winx fans might revolt at a take so radically different as the one you envision. But perhaps the franchise could expand its audience by backing off the extreme girlyness and having decent plots and action like it used to be in the first three seasons.
        Art by Nina-D-Lux at deviant art
        This art by Nin-D-Lux at deviant art also has more human proportions.

    • I disagree with you sooo much about Helia’s haircut. It is HOT. It brings out his face more. When he didnt have bangs it didnt look right. But the bangs he has now bring out and shape his face better.

      I think Musa looks gorgeous. Those pants looks great on her. I agree that while those outer garmets that look like underwear she is wearing over her pants look a bit wierd (it would have been nicer if it was just a belt or shorts) but it doesnt bother me so much that Ill diss the whole outfit. It looks hip and unique. (Which describes Musa’s personality completely).

      The reason I like season 4 is because we can see why the people of earth no longer have magical creatures and what happened to all them. All the other seasons never told us what happened. But season 4 does. FINALLY.

      The one thing Id really change about season 4 is that I wish the pixies would have appeared more. I love them. They are so cute and are bonded with the Winx girls. I’d like to have known which pixie would have bonded with Roxy.
      I like those little stuffed animals that came to life though. They are indeed cute and I see the pixies being best friends with them.
      And it is cute how Kiko fell in love with Aisha’s little girl bunny! Haha! XD

      • We thought Helia’s former haircut made him unique among the specialists. And he is different, being an artist and fighting with his unique glove-cords. But they went and made Skye’s hair similar in season 5. We just do not care for the “spider on the head” look.

        It is hard to appreciate Musa’s outfit with those “pantaloons,” but apparently you can. She is a character with some fire for sure. Season 5 will see the end of those pantaloons, though, and we will not miss them.

        The pixies, the love and pet creatures, and even season five’s selkies are not our cup of tea. We thought season 3 was one of Winx Club’s strongest without any of them. However, the franchise seems to be moving in the direction of your liking and away from ours. That’s just the way it is.

        We like your point about magic on Earth. It was interesting, but it came with too much baggage for us, and the Black Circle plot was not ended well. One season, two major plot arcs. That was one too many for Winx Club season 4 in our opinion.

        Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Well I guess all I can say is that this is an amazing site. Very realistic an honest. About season 4 I have been thinking two things that I think no one has mentioned yet….
    What was with the first episode animation? Wasn’t it diffrent from all the following even though they all looked different from 3 previous seasons ( worst animation). First episode had the weirdest smoothness that reminded me some-kind of computer effect and they’re hair was moving in a weird way. Anyone has an idea why they changed it while still not going back to original. Also the rumor has it that the Witches are coming back. Ehm…makes me thrilled actually( being a huge Icy fan myself) .
    I was terribly confused when the movie ended with their promise to rip fairy wings of Winx girls backs and then in the first 13 episodes of season 4…..nothing. Also we need every bad guy we can get after we have: 7 Winx, pixie and pets. It is just cuteness overload.
    Your site has an AMMAZING humor and style.
    Thanks 4 makin

    • Great comment Helina. Thanks for stopping by. We are gratified you got some chuckles.

      We have noticed and discussed that animation issue you mentioned with some folks. Even just above if you want to check out the comments with “The Oblivious Prattler”. We kind-of liked the smoothness, but seem to be in the minority. However since the episodes immediately after were not the best quality, you may understand why. They did get better later in the season.

      We think the animation style of season 4 needs some help. It needs more dark colors, blacks and contrast. We suppose Straffi has budget to consider, but it is not like Winx is unpopular. It must have a decent budget.

      You are so right about cuteness overload. We think it is also hero overload. First 5, then 6, now 7 Winx Club fairies? Plus the faculty and students of Alfea and Red Fountain. Plus the original Company of Light members floating around. (And yes, those annoying pixies.) We are going to need some serious heavy duty villains to challenge them. Are the Trix up to that? They will need help even powered up by the ancestral witches.

  4. What a colorful review, I like the use of screen shots in this take. And the witty captions return full force. My favorite would have to be the cutest nerd award for Tecna screen shot, caught in action as she works on Fortress Takes. If Tecna’s in I want to apply for a position as well. Ha ha. :p Lovely animated gif of her Believix as well. Hands down my favorite transformation–not to mention wanted as a personal outfit in my closet.

    Two main things I definitely agree upon: underutilized Believix wings and the anti-climatic claiming of Believix powers. The wings are just a doll-selling device, as we all know, but having three sets (all-too-convenient teleportation among them) is overkill. Teleportation wings alone are overpowering and undermine the “adventure” of flying and tracking. It seems too easy with wings that do everything for you. Along the same lines, having a book that explains your powers before you even have them, down to specifics for each girl–*still incredulous*–is boring and no longer challenging. The writers were really rushing the plot along and to do that they jumped right into the girls having the powers a little too soon. Or at least the powers could have been a little more hard-won.

    Gantlos. 🙂 Now that’s what I’m talking about. Arguably, I always thought Musa’s power of soundwaves had the strongest potential offensive magic of all powers seen on the show. I won’t get started here, but with properly honed powers, shockwaves can do almost anything–physically and mentally, and at a distance. So here comes Gantlos and I’m getting excited because we finally have a villain who seems to understand the potential. With a bit more brain power he could tweak those powers into something that rivals main villains of the past. And his outfit (along with the three other wizards) is not too shabby at all. Combine with Darcy’s powers and you’ve got it made.

    So far the art direction passes my credentials list, and while the first episode may have been smooth there was something wrong with the movements of the characters. From the second episode on it was back to the movement I was used to, which to a veteran Winx fan means a lot. We don’t like *too* much change. Heh. The outfits, hairstyles, brightness, coloring, the whole package are once again exceptional in this season. The use of color alone is most likely what drew me to this show in the first place.

    The specialists, oi. First…Helia’s hairstyle change. I am rather sad. Yeah, his look has been updated with the times of Earth but…*pout*. I loved his old style locks. I am perhaps within the 1% who did, ha. Specialists Vs. Faries. *facepalm* A little too much catty drama for me. I understood where the directors were going with it though. I assume they wanted to test the girls’ relationships and at the same time show that the girls were becoming independent. Perhaps it just lasted too long for my tastes. Instead of putting someone down there’s always a nicer way to say it: “We want to try things on our own. But thanks for offering your protection. You guys are really sweet.” Perhaps that was too sweet? Well I like it. ^_^ Thankfully Tecna and Flora seemed to butt out of the fight. Poor Musa. She can’t get a break either. If only Riven would support her more. And of course the lack of communication on either of their parts doesn’t help.

    I do have some beef with the pet shop. The cute factor and screen time for the pets is overwhelming. More toys yeah yeah, I know. There’s only so much a (grown) girl can take. Not that cutesy little animals will stop me from watching, I would just prefer the time spent in giving the animals screen time instead be used to show more character development on the main characters.

    That was a very good point on the “mind-controlling” powers included in the Believix package. Odd. And a little too easy. Where’s the magic and wonderment of doing things that take a little work? Nice pawn shop caption. 😉

    And the last screen shot was perfect. It just reminds me of how far the show has come through the years.

    • Wow Zhanneel. Awesome and thoughtful comment. Clocking in at 717 words, you can see what a challenge it is for us at the Fortress to keep our takes at 599 or less. Thankfully, comments can be as long as we please and you used that length to make some interesting observations.

      Regarding Gantlos you make an insightful point. We do not think the the two black circle wizards with the shape-shifting and speed powers are all that powerful. Those powers seem a little limited and not offensive juggernauts. Gantlos on the other hand has the ability to reach out and deliver the damage at range in addition to strength up close.

      Being Tesla fans here, we understand the power of shockwaves, yet never fully associated it with Musa’s powers. She never seems to take advantage of her powers in that way. Maybe she cannot although they seem related.

      Regarding Helia’s new “spider landed on my head” hairstyle, we think the percentage that find it repulsive in compared to his previous longer locks is much higher than the 1% you claim. Hopefully word will get to Straffi and Co. in time for next season.

      You are more generous regarding the winx girls rude and duplicitous behavior than we can be. We have long thought of the girls as very independent in their actions. Almost always facing magic enemies the specialists as currently designed could only ever perform a support role (unfortunately) – but the show is called WINX Club and not “Timmy and his Amazing Specialists Friends”. 😉 Thankfully the producers try to occasionally throw in some physical enemies for the boys.

      We can see little legitimate reason to put the girls in such an unfavorable light regarding the way they treated their supposed boyfriends. If anything we think it engendered much viewer sympathy for the co-stars (boys) that would have been better spent plot-wise on the Winx girls.

      Finally the “Love & Pet” cutesy overload. You are right, it is too much. While we like a taste of their amusing antics, with serious villains like the black circle about it needs to be done quickly. Get a laugh, lighten the scene for a minute and then get back on track. More than that stresses the drama track, and too much can temporarily break it.

      We are glad you appreciate the humor of Fortress Takes – and we did not even have to use our believix powers on you.

  5. wooooooooooowwwwwwwwww! so cute 🙂
    cant even imagine!…………….but the sad part is tat winxclub doesnt cm in india! plz winxclub cm again from 1st season 1 episode 1

    • We understand your frustration. However, there are a number of places on the web where you can stream the early seasons of Winx Club for free. Just do a search. There are some entertaining episodes back there worth seeing again.

      Thanks for stopping by. We hope to hear more from you.

  6. I like the Gantlos making a huge crater with his fist picture. I cracked up when I saw it. And did anyone notice Musa’s underwear is on the outside?

  7. Hi i saw on tv that season 4 is coming up but im working when its on so i downloaded everything from one to season 3 but now i cant find 4 but it is already out in english but i cant download it
    does anyone know where too download it or put in on a download site for me
    this would be a big help because its realy time killing and im kinda addicted right now (A)
    so if anyone can help me it would bin nice

    • There is nothing wrong with being addicted to Winx Club. We can appreciate your predicament.

      We watched season 4 episodes 1-13 subbed. Never-the-less we suggest you hook up at for more info on season 4.

  8. my namme is stella ny favaurite winx is bloom and all.bloom is very beatiful.and stella a very ridiculous.and musa is very interesig beatiful .and tecna very the wise…

    • Actually, I’d have to agree to some extent (even though she wasn’t in Season 4, heh). But since you brought it up, I found her character, while eccentric, to be a fun change-up from some of the more normalized characters. Not exactly a villain or hero, she was the kooky side challenge for the Winx girls in Season 2. And she even comes back in later episodes. I think I actually miss her when watching these recent “normal” episodes. Where’s the crazy fun of characters like Amentia? 😉

    • There are definitely pros and cons to setting Winx on Earth. One of the cons seems to be the loss of some fantasy elements. The Amentia arc episodes were definitely kooky. Sometimes they seemed like a little much, then again the season was richer for that arc. It certainly kept us on our toes in the sense that we did not know what kind of nutty scenario was coming next. That may be a flavor of which Winx season 4 could use a little more.

      • Did you say Amentia? She did a great job with helping to defeat the slimy and spiky monsters (wonder how would they sell in Love&Pet *giggle*) in the Darkar’s cave- so satisfying after being annoyuing 😉

      • To M: It is nice to see characters from earlier in a season who were bad or of questionable alliance come back at the end battle to help the protagonist win the fight.

        If it is not furry, round and 102% overly cute, it probably will not sell in Love & Pet. Maybe you are thinking of the “Slime & Spike” shop. It is just down the street. 😉

      • You are funny Layla n Amentia. Amentia would like “Slime & Spike”. There are some at Cloud Tower who would as well.

        Funny about those fairy figures you mentioned above. We know what it is like to get something on your mind. Sorry about the fragile wings. Some things we suppose are meant just for looks.

        And yes, you are definitely Layla’s biggest fan we have seen. We will weigh in on the second half of season 4 soon. Then we will see if her stock goes up in our eyes.

  9. Ich finde winx club einfach toll 😉 Ich kennne jeden folge. Und ich fande sie alle spitze 😀 Am meisten mag ich layla und bloom. ♥

    Translation of our German friend:
    I think winx club just great. 😉
    I liked each series and found them all sharp. 😀
    I like Layla and Bloom the most. ♥

    liebe grüße eure .. Janine

    • Thanks for weighing in Janine. Each season had its ups and downs, but they were all entertaining. Although the jury is still out on season 4.

      The ups and downs of season 2 for example? Dark Bloom – an up. Pixies? A down.

      We are not big Layla fans here, but she seems to have some out there in the world.

      • ROAR!!!!! I AM LAYLA’S BEST FAN OUT THERE!!! And Amentia’s only fan out there (who admits to it :)) !!!

  10. I right story and i am going to send in one soon to the winx righter.
    There a girl her name is Athena she 5ft10 very tall, blond/brown hair and blue eyes. see if we dont u know do something to keep the winx going it going to die so she come in with the power of the Dragon of Downloading witch means she can download your powers and then she has to learn how to use theme. Brandon has a brother named Jimmy and they find out that Athena is there sister cool right. 🙂 Sky and Bloom brake up (i know hate it or love it sry they brake up) Bloom goes out with Jimmy and Sky secretly like Athena

  11. hi sry i sent that one first second one. Athena mane power is to connect with your biggest fear see she have with/fairy she more fairy then with. Miss.F if her grandmother and her mother name is Blare. She goes to the new college where the winx are going to because if u get your Believex u can try and earn more power leaves all the way up to Goddess. okay that about the mane stuff k ttyl

    • Wow, Kayla. We like your story and we like your energy. You are not afraid to take chances with the characters and situations. True, Bloom and Sky breaking up would be a big deal whether it was loved or hated. However it would be action and perhaps add new energy.

      We think that this fourth season started out okay but quickly went downhill. It is not so special. Sad and a waste.

      Your new fairy idea is interesting. A fairy that can temporarily download or duplicate another’s powers would make for some interesting fights! Imagine Athena fighting Icy with Icy’s powers. That would be fun. Or Darcy’s powers versus Darcy’s powers. That would be weird.

      We like the idea of continued power levels. Although we suspect they would call “Goddess” level “Goddix” or something. Ha.

      We would like to read your story when you finish it if you want to share it. We hop your ideas get some traction with Straffi & Company. Thanks for commenting.

      • Goddix? Don’t know if that’d go well with them religious types, but then again, why’d they watch Winx?

      • Yeah, we were kind of joking in regards to what the producers could name Kayla’s Goddess idea when we said “Goddix”. You are right, that name would not go ever well and they would not use it. However the producers do love their “-ix’s”. 😉

        We know there are many religious people out there that can clearly delineate Winx Club as fantasy and enjoy the show for what it is. It is a world wide phenom popular amongst many diverse groups.

      • what about a magical item, like a cursed mirror, that is able of create a evil clone of anyone? could be cool watch the fairies fighting her evil clones.

        about a new transformation, i have a idea: the divinix, a new transformation where the girls looks maded of their respective power: bloom could looks maded entirely of fire, stella of light, flora of flower blossoms, aisha of water, tecna of binary code, and musa of sound waves.

      • We like the idea of them fighting evil versions of themselves. The evil-twin plot has been done to death, but because it works. The Winx girls need an enemy that can challenge them on equal footing.

        Your idea about them composed of their elemental powers is radical, but fun. It would look cool. I think Straffi and Company might be willing to at least clothe them in their respective elements. Thanks for stopping by.
        Art by WinxClubRud at DeviantArt
        Art by WinxClubRus at DeviantArt

    • We agree. Sky has been a pretty straight shooter up to now.

      Sure, sometimes his communication choices needed improvement. However, all his flirtations turned out to be misunderstandings, childhood betrothals or spells. What is Bloom’s excuse?

  12. myy god i’m so obsessed 😮 like i was little i loved it now i love it back xd omg :p winx stays good xd

    • We hear you Anoniem. Winx does have a strange lasting appeal that (when they do it well) moves beyond conventional age groups. We hope they right their ship in season 5.

      We have also been experiencing renewed interest in Winx and are starting to add some more pictures to the earlier takes (STARTING WITH SEASON ONE). Check out our cool Tecna animated gif.

      Thanks for stopping by. Add you thoughts anytime.

      Jasmine Becket-Griffth Art

  13. Can somebody “please” tell me ALL Episodes about Winx Club where Spiders are attacking?? I like that Creepy Fairy-spider-staff :)) Winx Club is SO cool xD. Please help me,…please 😉

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