Batman: The Brave and the Bold [2010] Season 2. 26 Episodes

Batman: TBatB season one was a kooky but interesting departure from the unsmiling Batman shows that had come before. However there was still a skeleton of seriousness that tied the episodes together. This was highlighted by the two-part mid-season finale with Owl Man, and the season finale with Equinox.

Darkseid is usually out of Batman’s league. We do not even know where Batman’s league is this season.

What is Black Canary’s conditioning secret?

Season two removed the skeleton leaving us with shtick filled flesh that could hardly stand taller than a single episode. And while we will admit that the flesh is of decent quality, it is still in the end not enough. The show’s format is more like the old Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny cartoons. We here in the Fortress are big fans of those cartoons, however standalone features with no consistency or arc will not work with Batman the same way.

Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl was fun and coy. We could have used more of her and less Woozy Winks, Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man, Bat-Mite, etc…

The season two synopsis in a sentence? Batman spends 26 episodes doing really random wacky crap. That goes down in fortress takes history as the shortest one sentence synopsis ever.

With more than one episode featuring “Detective Chimp” can you blame us? *barf*

We were okay with the lighter format in season one. The high quality writing managed to make C team heroes and villains alike dramatically interesting. Foregoing the drama season two bombards you with endless tongue-in-cheek writing and one-liners.

His name may have been phoned in, but we like to include C-list villain Captain Cold whenever we run across him.

The show also stretches credulity farther than plastic man’s neck, and that is saying something. You just did not fear for Batman much anymore. His cape turned into jet powered glider upon demand, the Batmobile could pretty much turn into whatever he wanted, and of course there was the bat spaceship which he used to regularly patrol Earth space. Overuse of such unbelievability was too much to be dismissed with, “Oh it’s just tongue-in-cheek. We’re having fun with the character.”

Plastic Man scored quite the looker wife in Ramona… Ugh. Are we talking about Plastic Man? Is it 1974?

Oh, it is the 1970’s. There’s Black Lightning. (His name was also phoned in…)

“Killer Frost”. Ready to give up on DC’s naming conventions yet?

You can take a character pretty far, but if you go too far their strengths and weaknesses become so distorted that the character loses its innate interest in value. Batman’s strengths were overly caricatured and his weaknesses were an inconsistent moving target. We are sorry to have to report it like this, because there were a few episodes we really enjoyed. But overall the season left us seriously under-entertained. It was like empty calories with no nutritional value.

The Bat-spacesuit which forms from nowhere on demand. Uh, Star Spangled Batman? Rainbow Batman (no, we are not kidding). And of course, Super-Batman of Planet-X…

Ambush Bug was an intentionally comical DC character who had 15 minutes of fame in the 1980’s.  To boost circulation he interacted with A-list characters, often comically.  Most of this season felt like that.

Mongul appeared with his new “War-moon” (below). So Mongul, how many more episodes of Batman the Brave and the Bold are you going to watch?

Some wacky 1970’s characters like Plastic Man can with effort be used both dramatically and comically.  However losers like Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite deserve to be left in the dimension of stupidity where they belong.

Adding to this problem was the separation between prologue and show. They were rarely if ever connected. Now while this is a shtick that is sometimes acceptable they became so disconnected as to throw one off. What was Batman doing flying an airplane in World War I? Like most prologues we never find out. It got old.

What the &*$#@!

Black Adam was an interesting character. We know, we know. But they were bound to dredge up a couple good ones even picking randomly.

So Batman: TBatB will end with an abbreviated 3rd season.  We are not surprised, they drained their reservoir of viewer tolerance and goodwill.  It took an adjustment to enjoy season 1, but we did.  Enjoying season 2 requires another leap on top of your previous one.  Some just will not do it.  We do not blame. them.

Just think Dick Grayson, maybe you can get your very own show just like this one! You would not even have to trade in your 1970’s Nightwing outfit.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season 1 part 1

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Batman: The Brave and the Bold  Season 2

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9 thoughts on “Batman: The Brave and the Bold [2010] Season 2. 26 Episodes

  1. I have to preface by saying that my views on this show may be tainted. I own the series sets of Batman: The Animated Series (from the 90’s), Batman Beyond, The Adventures of Superman (from the 90’s), and the Justice League. Those shows (especially Batman) had superb stories and writing. They could take a show – visually made for kids – into a complex world adults could not only love, but become fascinated with. I have not seen The Batman, but I have seen bits of the series you are talking about, and….I just can’t do it. I feel like it’s the staff of Spongebob Squarepants who are making this show for their demo. If so, that’s fine. Good for them. Let those 5-8 year olds have this Batman show to learn to love it. Then they can get older and watch the others (along with Nolan’s and Burton’s Batman movies) for decades to come. However, for me, I’m out.

    • We gave B: TBatB a chance, but it largely turned out as you said. There were a few good episodes scattered within. Season one did have some fun more serious episodes like the ones with Owlman or Morgan Le Fey. However this season the “Spongebob Squarepants” faction apparently won out. The show hardly holds together in some episodes, especially when the opening is completely unrelated to the rest of the episode… and sometimes does not even make sense.

      And do not even get us going on the oh-so-cringe-worthy Batmite.

      We look forward to a new Batman series that is more true to the character. It does not have to be depressing and un-fun like the Nolan “Dark Knight” movie. But it should be something like those great Justice League depictions of Batman you mentioned that so many of us appreciated.
      Nice shot Bats.

  2. Why are you hating on my man Plastic Man?

    You’re acting as if he wasn’t relevant since the 70’s, remember Grant Morrison’s run on JLA during the 90’s, he was pretty relevant then. Plus he’s a fun character.

    I disagree about Detective Chimp too.

    Great review by the way

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