Top Ten Pretty Animated Shots Vol.02

It is time for another set of animated pictures that is easy on the eyes.  Making this top ten is a little like trying to become an actor.  Many try, but few make the cut.

We liked the visually hard edged rendering of the Enchantress Amora in Hulk Vs Thor.


While this painting featured in the credits looks nothing like that hard edged version, it is still pretty.

Chun Li remains a crowd favorite – if the crowd hangs out huddled around an arcade Street Fighter machine.  😉  Here she is from Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind.


How does she keep that face so pretty after all those nose-crushing, lip-bashing fights?

Princess Aurora from Disney’s true classic Sleeping Beauty has time-tested stylized good looks.  Below she is dressed as the forest maiden “Briar Rose”.  We like that edged style.


Naruto Shippuuden went downhill faster than Balloon Boy’s ill-fated, non-existent flight to nowhere.  Never-the-less, while it is no longer worth a take, it did have a purdy enemy ninja.


What is her deadly secret? Uhh, you do not want to see her without make-up...

Our takes on Winx Club remain top hitters.  The latest is season 4 part 1.  In honor of that popularity we could not pass up including a picture of Flora. If you do not know who Flora is, step back from the Street Fighter machine for a minute or give Naruto Shippuuden a rest for a half hour.


Jerrica Benton…  How we would like to see your Jem & The Holograms storyline with your deceived but true boyfriend Rio resolved.  We have been waiting since 1988…, so it is overdue.


At least Jerrica and Rio reaffirmed their love in this final season trip to Greece. Hmm Jerrica, do you dress native like this for every destination? We want to travel with you!

Ariel, the little mermaid’s mother was Queen Athena.  A lot of people seem to be searching for her online.  She was quite pretty as seen depicted here from The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning.


Mom's everywhere, let Queen Athena be an inspiration to you to keep in shape.

Huntik: Secrets and Seekers is pleasantly surprising most who watch it – including us!  So enough with the sad face Huntik Star Sophie Casterwill, you made the cut for this Top Ten.



Did all of Sophie's training include how to look good scuba diving? Ahh, we think it must have.

Zhalia from Huntik is not giving us a long face below, that is her usual stern expression.  But inside she had a soft heart.  Awww.


Bonus Poll Picture:

There was a singer in Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman who caught our eye.  She seemed to get a disproportionally large amount of close ups and screen time for a nameless background character.


Is this supposed to resemble somebody in particular? If so comment who please.


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Pretty Animated Shots Vol.02

  1. OH WOW. Are you serious? No one figured it out lol.
    🙂 She did get a lot of close-up and I was totally mesmerized. I loved all the female characters in that movie and they should ALL be featured up there. Even the ones that didn’t play a part. ^^ I loved how their hair was in motion.
    That chic right there is Cherrie. The french singer. Nice guess. Jenniper Lopez. But it’s wrong. :3 She’s singing her single ” Betcha Never” Which I am listening to right now after searching the web looking for pictures -___- of all the females to draw. ^^ Adding to my favorite animated heroines!!!!!

    • So who was “Cherrie” supposed to resemble (if anyone)?

      You are right. They did do a good job on the art direction of the women in Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman. It was good all around, and that was important for a movie featuring so many varied females in prominent roles.

      We are glad you found some pics you like. We take the extra time to put them in our takes and these top tens. Some of us here would be interested in seeing your drawings.

  2. Cherie played as herself! 🙂 She got to promote that song while ( LUCKY) starring as a singer in the movie. Although there is some small debate on where the song originated. Cherie or Natasha Bedingfield? Tata Young is out of the question.

    Managed to find some pictures although I needed better angles so I had to get ” creative”

    Saved all of them to link back here!!!

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