W.I.T.C.H. Season 2 [2006] 26 Episodes

As you may have read in our take on W.I.T.C.H. Season One, we were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed this misnamed show. (W.I.T.C.H. is an acronym based on their names… *lame*) So we regrettably have to say that the first 22 episodes of the second (and final) season were… underwhelming? Unfun? Annoying? All of the above? But at least the last 4 episodes were exciting and fitting.

“If you had put me in this season from the start, it would have been much better. Believe me, I’m a bad guy. I know these things.”

Oh, there were some fun and well done moments scattered throughout. Some decent (and also horrid) “B-plots”. However the show seemed hard at work to turn interesting characters and witty writing into something other then entertaining. Why? What drove the producers to repetitive and overdone TV plots or those unfit for half hour dramas? What about the lack of enemy comeuppance episode after episode?

Taranee is just glad to finally get a picture in one of our takes. (We are not fans.) Look at her expression. Probably she’s watching this season.

You want repetitive? This should have been called “The Evil Twin Season”. 92% of this season’s episodes use this oh-so-tired mechanic. (Plus, can anyone truly duplicate Cornelia’s hair?)

Season 2 in a sentence: An evil, crazy and exceedingly annoyingly voiced ex-guardian tries to reconstitute her old team and annoy the W.I.T.C.H. girls largely through the “evil twin” plot device (which she used so often it was almost literally sickening) and also turns out to be -surprise, Caleb’s mother but in the end only succeeds in sinking this show and leading us to four cool Phobos episodes at the end so at least the bad taste in our mouth was forgotten.

Yes Phobos. We are (surprisingly) happy that you are back too.

What this season needed was more Blunk! He grew on us (not his smell though), and was not used to maximum benefit.

The quality art direction, camera angles and backgrounds continued. In fact we think the W.I.T.C.H. girls were actually drawn better as the season progressed. However there was a nagging inconsistency. It was never explained to our satisfaction that going into Guardian mode changed the physical age of the girls. Will went from flat chested to small boobs to medium boobs and back again throughout the season inconsistently like the rest of the W.I.T.C.H. girls.

Cornelia’s non-guardian “maturity level” on the left does not even match some other caps from this take, much less many scenes in the show. Clarification was needed and more careful oversight given to the animators and their model sheets.

We expected the worst on the romance front, however we were pleasantly surprised that both major romantic relationships were left intact. Although there were a few outrageously stupid episodes where it seemed the writers were actually trying to get us to not like the pairs at all, in the end you were glad to see them together. Yes, they too were victims of the same old plot. Villain lady imitates somebody’s significant other and unfun hijinx ensue. Or Cornelia decides to use her powers to look like an adult and get an older man… ooookkkaayy.

Stick with what works Cornelia. Here is Caleb being manly (and a little foolish in battle, but it worked out…)

“Me think this really not good time!”

We thought the first season vacillated between a little slow and well paced. Season two moved faster, but did not get anywhere. They dropped new powers on us in a rush. It was not well explained. However they did use the girl’s powers well in nicely choreographed fight scenes. We definitely give W.I.T.C.H. the edge over Winx when it comes to that.

“Guardians: The Original Generation”

We also give props to W.I.T.C.H. for having a consistent and entertaining cadre of secondary characters. In fact they were underutilized aside from a few episodes here and there like the rock concert contest at the high school.

“Why’d you put me after that paragraph? I’m not a secondary character.”

A major plot element was the single “magical heart” each planet has. The heart of Khandrakar we understood. It was set up (sort of) from the start. However the heart of Meridian turning out to be the teenager Elian may have been a little much for some. But when the heart of Earth turns out to be Cornelia’s younger sister it was too much. There were some weak episodes in season two…

The Fortress also has a heart of its own… Its true.

We look at W.I.T.C.H. season two as a bit of a waste. It is no surprise to us that the show was canceled after this season. If every episode was as good as the last four, we doubt that would have been the case. You truly could have made this season 13 episodes instead of 26 and come out better for it.

Ever hear of that show “Happy Days”? W.I.T.C.H. needed a few more of them.

“I told you that more of ME was necessary.”

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11 thoughts on “W.I.T.C.H. Season 2 [2006] 26 Episodes

  1. When I first watched this season, I was just happy to have 26 more WITCH episodes and never paid too close attention to the style or structure of the season arc. But it’s been many years since then and after reading this take I can definitely see some of the problems regarding…uh, everything? Maybe not the art direction at least. I do at least find that palatable.

    “Lack of enemy comeuppance” is probably my biggest issue. It led to the season feeling like it was going no where. Were the girls making any advances? Was the war between good and bad like a bag and forth tug-of-war? “No” on both accounts. I stuck with it for many reasons, but overall I wish the writers have given it some more pep and spirit.

    Nice picture of Phobos in the shadows there. That is truly a lurkable pose.

    Holy…wow, I had forgotten Narissa was Caleb’s mother. I must have forgot that fact in the season’s abundance of stuff (and inconsistency) going on.

    It is also true about the “Evil Twin” plot. The powers of the Guardians should probably have been put in check, otherwise the producers risk having a “Superman” villain. Too powerful. In this case, too over-used. There should have been a way for the girls to turn that power off–something that would stop Narissa from using that tactic over and over…

    Lol, and yet another fun Phobos picture. I think these periodic Phobos pictures are a little cathartic. Same with the Blunk picture. Ha. (Aww, me like Blunk.)

    As to the clarification on what happens when the girls go to Guardian mode it’s really only found in one place. Either the first or second episode of season 1. Ha ha. If someone misses it there I can see the confusion from then on out. A repeat of that explanation would do well. Or show a back-to-back picture of each girl in normal body and Guardian body in the opening credits to strike it home. However, there is no excuse for messing up the “maturity” aspects of each girl from episode to episode when they are in normal mode. Like that Cornelia pic. That’s just lazy artist work if you ask me.

    Very nice panned picture of the…hmm, can’t remember what that oracle place was called. Well, no matter, it is still a nicely-pieced picture!

    Lol, very nice Caleb + Cornelia animated gif. Yes, I think Caleb is being pretty manly there. It works well and it’s cute. Obviously he and Cornelia were made for each other, they both have such nice hair. Ha!

    I do remember the fight scenes being nicely planned. Especially when the girls combined powers. They seemed to work even better with each other in this season. That’s a plus. Having too many powers and not enough time to delve into them, not so good. Kind of like Season 4 of Winx Club…gah. At least the WITCH girls don’t have 4+ sets of wings yet. Though, if there had been more seasons who knows.

    Sheesh, I hear you on the overload of Hearts as well. This plot (if they were going to sell it) should not have been rushed like it was in season 2. Focus on a few things and do them well instead! However, that is one awesome Heart of Khandrakar you’ve got there! I am jealous.

    Nice, the finishing touch was another Phobos picture. Apt and funny. I agree with him. He should have ruled the season.

    Nice take, very funny, and too true on many points. If only the season could have been tightened in many ways there may have been a season 3.

    PS – Why couldn’t Taranee have a cool high ponytail like the original Earth Guardian? 😉

    • Thank you for weighing in Zhanneel. 631 words. You beat the Fortress again.

      Yes, you said it well. For many of the episodes it felt as though we were not getting anywhere. Too many. Some more victories mixed into the setbacks would have helped. An interesting comparison with Winx Club, which ended up with so many characters (good and bad) that giving them all adequate powers focus proved difficult in season 4.

      Taranee? Sure, getting away from the Winx Season 4 inspired Helia arachnid doo would be a good start. The ponytail would have helped, but would it have been enough?
      Spider landed on my head!

      We think they could have changed it up enough with Phobos; new henchmen, new powers, a new group of anti-WITCH girls. Almost anything seems better than locking him away for most of the season.

      We liked the show generally. Enjoyed the humour and even the premise, but it lost its way second season. We are not the only ones who thought so apparently considering the cancellation. The show had a lot going for it, but much stacked up against it as well: Poor naming, inevitable Winx comparisons, and we are not sure about the Jetix thing either.

      At least Cornelia and Caleb live happily ever after.
      looking to season 3

      • While that Taranee cosplaying does do the costume justice, overall the character’s look is just not selling it to me anymore. Yes, the arachnid ‘do is out. (That’s pretty shocking how similar poor Helia’s new ‘do and Taranee’s are in style. Nice comparison. It’s definitely fitting.)

        Had they got back on track, I may have watched another season of WITCH, if only for a few of the characters and the nice consistent humor. However, it may very well have become a Season 4 Winx, and that would have been a shame. Good to put it to bed and leave it on a semi-good note.

  2. Hello
    I have searched for ever to find this costume as Cornelia in W.I.T.C.H. Where can I bay it?
    Guest from Norway..

  3. Sorry to bump but I need to put in my 2 cents,

    I haven’t seen the second season but this does sound disappointing for 2 reasons. First, this season is an adaptation of what most fans consider one of the best storylines in the comic and second, this season was being helmed by Greg “freakin” Weisman (Gargoyles, Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice)

    • Please put in your two cents on any post. We leave them up for continuing enjoyment and interaction.

      We do not know if it was the director’s fault season two lagged behind season one. The story and writing were largely worse. We watched Young Justice and were alternately impressed and depressed.

      We think the old Guardian team storyline could be the ‘best storyline’ you are referring to. It could have been handled much better.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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