Fortress Takes wants to hear YOUR take!

Fortress Takes has no problem going against the popular trend.  You would know this if we decided to weigh in with our scathing counter-trend take on Batman: The Dark Knight.  We do not have to be popular, we would rather be right!  (Of course, we appreciate the popularity with your participation too.  But we digress.)


Sending our media probes out of the Fortress into the cold artic night is just what we do.  But you can weigh in from the comfort of your anonymous (and warm) domicile.  So we encourage you to continue commenting your opinion. Do you agree with the Fortress of ice and crystal?


3 thoughts on “Fortress Takes wants to hear YOUR take!

  1. LOL! I, too, am not easily given to peer pressure. I simply look for the things that interest me and stick to them, regardless of what people may say. Like for example, people find me a nerd. But what do I care? I’m proud to be one. At least, I don’t waste my time doing stupid things.

Say it to the FORTRESS, whether you agree or not!

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